Paramount to the successful use of analysis and simulation technologies is a confident and educated user base. This is truer for simulation software than many other programs because of the two-phase nature of the programs: preparation and interpretation.

At Applied DEM, our training emphasizes the technology more than the software. The software itself is very easy to use, and the users will generate better results with a full understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes.

The training covers the challenges of material characterization, or the methods for acquiring data that drives or describes the material flow behaviors. This lesson also includes discussions regarding the challenges of characterizing material for optimal hardware performance.

Other lessons cover characterization of simple and complex motion of mechanical system components.

During the training, there will be hands-on exercises and opportunities to discuss customer-specific topics with the instructor.

DEM provides the users with vast amounts of data for every aspect of the system under examination. Every particle’s position, velocity and forces are captured frequently during the simulation. Swimming through this data is a challenge made easier by tools provided with Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition:

  • DEMView – System visualization
  • Force Analyst – Force evaluation and graphical display
  • Particle Motion Analyst – Specific particle data
Armed with the images, videos, and graphical data provided by the tools outlined above, users may feel that they have a full picture of the system behavior. Applied DEM educates users to understand that while DEM is the best method for understanding, predicting, and analyzing the behavior of a particle motion system, it is a technology that is dependent upon the values entered by the user and the assumptions upon which the technology is based.

Users are thus trained how to apply healthy engineering judgment during the interpretation phase of Bulk Flow Analyst™ use.

Applied DEM can perform training at your location. Training delivered onsite can be optimized to include your own specific examples and topics. If interested, please contact Clint Hudson (