Scheduled Classrooms

Conveyor Consulting

"Classroom Training" is still preferred by many especially in highly technical fields. The reason is "Thinking Skills" can be included in a classroom by discussing and solving real problems as a group. The members of the group can share experiences and learn from each other.

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Onsite Classrooms

DEM Consulting

Any of our scheduled classrooms can be brought to your office, plant or mine. And we can adapt our outline to your specific needs. Whether you personel have engineering, operations or maintenance duties, our trainers can provide the right level of knowledge and experience.

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Web Based Training Videos

Mine Simulation

Web based training is delivered to you anytime and any place on your own computer. Watch videos and work through problems at your own pace. Our web based training is developed and supported by the same certified trainers that do our classrooms so the material is great.

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Certified Trainers


Training is done by engineers with many years of experience designing conveyors. We don't just develop software, we are the engineers that engineers come to for advise when designing the largest and most complex belt conveyors in the world.

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