Bulk Flow Analyst Version Information

  • Important changes are being made to Bulk Flow Analyst. Please keep your program as up to date as possible. View major feature additions.
    • BFA VERSION 19.0.0
        We are proud and excited to release Bulk Flow Analyst™ version 19! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments at customerservice@overlandconveyor.com.

        New Features and Enhancements
      • Floating licenses are now included in the program to allow several users to use a single license
      • Categorized components in the Modeler tab organize components by their type so they’re easier to find and manage
      • Streamlined material characterization includes automatic selection of coefficient ranges and an improved angle of repose test for more accurate and consistent results
      • Additional library materials provide pre-characterized materials over a range of sizes and angles of repose for running simulations with minimal setup
      • Simplified interactions by including a user-friendly Interactions window to edit interactions between a component and any material in the simulation
      • Simulations tab model preview allows users to preview all surface geometry stored in the BFA project file and highlights surfaces based on selected components for a simulation
      • “Max velocity” is now a material property that is auto-calculated based on project geometry
      • Updated help files

        Bugs fixed
      • Orthographic mode issues (such as movie/screenshot creation) have been fixed and orthographic projection is now the default DEMView projection mode under the View – Parameters menu option
      • Fixed several issues with the camera projection and orientation including camera rotation, issues with initial model orientation, and zoom-to-fit
      • Fixed issues with material interaction behavior, including issues with initializing and editing interactions
      • Fixed miscellaneous UI issues with component and material selection and update behavior
      • Fixed cloud issues including issues with material characterization simulations and downloading of large output files

    • 18.0.0
      • We are proud and excited to release Bulk Flow Analyst™ version 18 after years of hard work, development, and testing. The new version gives more enhancements and bug fixes as they are listed below. Unfortunately, the DEMcloud® for version 16 will not currently be operational upon the version 18 release. We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. We encourage all users to upgrade to version 18. However, users with version 16 can download the free version of Bulk Flow Analyst™ version 18 and run their simulations on the cloud. Keep in mind Bulk Flow Analyst is not forward compatible so we recommend copying your project file before opening in version 18. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments at customerservice@overlandconveyor.com.

        New Features and Enhancements
      • New Material Studio with the ability to input your specific size distribution and create random lumps for each size
      • Random lump fabricator to create random shapes to better approximate rock shapes
      • Updated material library with a new General Library that have pre-characterized DEM properties
      • Ramped belt speeds to simulation start-up and shut-down scenarios
      • Simplified material characterization test procedures to help complete quick, simple onsite tests
      • Improved simulation speeds (up to 6x in some cases)
      • Updated user interface to be more streamlined and customizable
      • New advanced mode to simplify which parameters are shown and have a cleaner look
      • New request audit if you need help with your simulation
      • Updated help files

        Bugs fixed
      • Usability bugs were addressed with the Modeler tab regarding the ability to select surfaces, lines, and points
      • DEMView bugs including auto/custom settings, saving results across sessions, and default camera settings
      • Material library bugs including an issue where libraries saved in different locations are not compatible
      • Fixed an issue with simulations that contain adhesion where materials would not adhere to the face and would get stick at the corners and/or edges
    • 16.0.6
        Bugs fixed
      • Fixed a bug where cohesion presets would not be set when using the Custom Cluster size distribution for a Material Condition component
      • Fixed an issue where multiple Boundary components with identical properties would cause the simulation to crash
      • Fixed a bug where negative RPM for a Boundary component with rotation motion would cause BFA to hang. Negative RPMs now reverse the direction of rotation w.r.t. the rotation axis.
    • 16.0.5
        Bugs fixed
      • Fixed a bug where adding a comment to a Material Condition component caused an error
      • Miscellaneous Motion Manager bug fixes and enhancements
    • 16.0.0
      • If you would like to upgrade to Bulk Flow Analyst 16, please contact customerservice@overlandconveyor.com
      • SolidWorks Add-In is not supported for this release. For further details, please contact customerservice@overlandconveyor.com
      • Portal Analysis is not supported for this release

      • Enhancements
      • Added a “Gaussian” particle size distribution; the user specifies the average radius and the standard deviation
      • Added the ability to select an injection face instead of a body diagonal. This allows selection of more complex geometry for the injection region (for example, cylinders)
      • Improvements to the maximum limit for the number of usable components in a simulation
      • Changed the output naming convention of DEMCloud® simulations to use the actual simulation name
        Bugs fixed
      • Fixed bugs related to synchronizing drawing references and reversing pulley direction in BFA modeler
      • Fixed a bug with DEMCloud® Material Characterization simulations where the wrong HIS file is downloaded
      • Fixed bugs in Motion Manager related to patterned components and event order sequence
      • Fixed bugs in Particle Motion Analyst in Belt Loading and Mix Analysis
      • Fixed several bugs with restarts, including the inability to restart simulations that are restarts themselves, and invalid restart times shown in the selection dialog
      • Fixed several bugs when saving simulations, such as invalid component names and invalid component properties causing errors
      • Fixed miscellaneous user-interface bugs
    • 15.1.0
      • Improved the time-estimates offered by the DEMcloud®
      • Increased speed of processing by introducing dynamic load balancing
      • Improved component patterns to include support of paths with concavities
      • Improved the Motion Manager's method of referencing components
      • Material Characterization Simulations can now be run on the DEMcloud®
        Bugs fixed
      • Fixed a bug in the SolidWorks Add-In converting density values for material conditions when using metric units
      • Fixed a bug experienced when closing the chute QuickStart Tutorial
      • Fixed a bug experienced when working with particle block properties table
      • Fixed some bugs in the time-estimator form displayed by the DEMcloud®
      • Improved the Motion Manager's method of referencing components
      • Fixed a bug dealing with the syncing of attachment points
      • Fixed a rare bug experienced when clicking "Show" in BFA Modeler
      • Fixed a bug related to Out-Of-Date Simulations and the selection of surfaces
    • 15.0.0
      • Add Custom Clusters, so several cluster shapes can exist within one material condition.
      • Improved cohesion calculations to handle wider variety of particle sizes, clusters.
      • Improved shearing component to cohesion calculations.
      • Random placement particle blocks now allow for non-uniform particle distributions.
      • Motion Manager is back!
      • Engine now offers more informative error messages when problems arise.
        Bugs fixed
      • Switching from Dry to Custom cohesion conditions now displays cohesion coefficient and RoF.
      • Material library didn't always display correct material
      • Fixed a bug causing a simulation to crash if no particles/clusters are injected
      • Preview and "Append Queue" buttons are disabled for material characterization simulations
      • There was a problem preventing users from opening a project from Windows Explorer
    • v14.3.1
      • Upgraded DEMcloud® database.
      • Made cloud environment stronger, allowed continued running even if access to database is broken
      • Added ability to "extend" a DEMcloud® run in the midst of the run, not as a restart
      • SolidWorks Add-In
      • Added ability to peform multi-speed translation in Surface Components (SolidWorks Add-In)
      • Added ability to double-click engine for running simulation from SolidWorks Add-In
      • Added ability to run multiple clusters in an injection box from SolidWorks Add-In
        Bugs Fixed
      • Fixed a situation in Particle Motion Analyst calculating the kinetic energy incorrectly
      • Fixed a problem that arises when there are internet server issues, allowing us to redirect better
      • Fixed problems in the BFA queue allowing it to perform better
      • Fixed an issue with BFA queue not accepting simulations from the SolidWorks Add-In
      • SolidWorks Add-In
      • Fixed bugs in the SolidWorks Run Manager to better Retrieve, Post-Process results from BFA's queue
      • Changed the simulation components list so it won't scroll to top when adding or removing components
    • v14.3
      • Added ability to use multiple clusters within one injection box.
      • Improved calculations of simulations to enable large-particle-count cluster shapes.
      • Enhanced selections for Slab, Hexagonal Cylinder, and Random shape options in Cluster Definition form.
      • Added ability for user to define their own cluster shapes.
      • Added viewer to Cluster Definition form, letting users see the effects of their modifications.
      • Added GroupID Analysis to Particle Motion Analyst, and corresponding color option in DEMView.
      • Added Angular Velocity particle color option to DEMView.
      • Added ClusterID particle color option to DEMView.
        Bugs Fixed
      • Fixed a highlighting problem in the BFA Modeler viewer.
      • Fixed a bug related to particle ID's when simulation generates a large number of particles
      • Fixed a bug preventing Materials from being added to the proper category in Material Library
      • Force components on surfaces being output with the correct sign
      • Mass flow rate of clustered-particle material conditions made more accurate.
    • v14.2
      • Added "Cohesion Condition" to material condition, software now estimates cohesion and radius of fines for the user
      • Color Scale changes to DEMView
      • Material Characterization Simulations added.
      • Added "Hide Component" feature
      • Improved speed and stability of clustered particles.
        Bugs Fixed
      • Fixed a bug relating to rotational velocity.
      • Fixed a movie issue in DEMView where faces behind other faces were invisible.
    • v14.1.5
      • Path components added.
      • Component patterns added. Users can pattern boundary components around a path.
      • Vibration and Oscillation users can work with degrees or radians
      • Oscillation position graph improved, making it easier to predict and define desired motion.
      • Users can now define clustered particles. No longer are restricted to simple spheres.
      • Improved user interface when in component and simulation properties tables.
      • Improved user interface for selecting path entities.
      • Extended DEMcloud® simulation data expiration from 15 to 30 days.
      • Removed Projects tab, added tool bar for common actions, and added "Recent Projects" to File menu.
      • Improved folder selection form.
      • Upgraded BFA Modeler. Will import many files that would once have given problems.
      • Improved the Hide behavior. Now hidden items remain hidden, so items behind hidden items can be selected.
      • DEMcloud® Manager no longer displays simulations that are expired.
      • Added ability to select edges behind surfaces through right-click menu.
        Bugs Fixed
      • Fixed bugs related to injection boxes, mass fractions, and materials with 0 mass contribution.
      • Fixed issue related to the simulation boundary limits for simulations containing rotating components.
      • Fixed a bug between a copied material condition and the interaction created when it was copied.
      • Fixed an issue with the monitor that caused problems for clients in countries using "," as a decimal separator.
      • Corrected an issue causing the number of components to be miscalculated.
      • Fixed a problem where the maximum material size would be 0 for a custom material having only one size.
      • Added a check for long and thin triangles. Excessively long and thin triangles will be removed.
      • Rotate, Pan, and Zoom actions in BFA Modeler would cause crashes if started but not completed before attempting a new action.
      • Fixed an issue where a deactivated Oscillation would generate a default Vibration when Oscillation added back.
      • Fixed a bug with motion and restarts.
        Known Issues/Limitations
      • There is a limitation of 20 components that can be used in one simulation. This limitation has been in place since version 14.0.
      • Complex Motion is not supported with local or cloud processing. If you are a user of this tool, you should wait to upgrade.
      • Shear work is not an output offered by the new engine yet. If you use shear work to evaluate wear, you should wait to upgrade.
      • Real-time virus scanning of files can cause simulations to process slowly. This is most evident when "Processing results" is shown in the Run Manager window after a simulation has finished generating results.
    • v14.1.0
      • DEMView has many improvements!
        • Added ability to save MVS files for cloud-based production of videos
        • Improved speed during pan/zoom/rotate by decreasing particle quality
        • Improved speed of video creation
        • Improved speed of changing frames
        • Added time line for fast and easy movement among results
        • Added "Play" button for animating results in DEMView
      • Added the ability to generate videos on the cloud. Users no longer have to download the results.
      • Vibration and oscillating motion are now available within the BFA interface and no editing of text files is required.
      • Particle pressures are now available for display in DEMView.
      • Improved the run-time estimator regression equations for more accurate estimates.
      • Added Kinetic Energy to the engine readout and output files.
      • Improved proxy support for DEMcloud®.
      • Added flexibility to where projects and simulations are saved
      • Increased number of components now available.
      • Changed the way the simulations list on Interactions tab reacts.
        Bugs Fixed
      • Fixed a problem with date formats in BFA causing problems with the cloud.
      • Fixed a bug where particle block changes weren't flagging simulations as out-of-date.
      • If rotation or translation vectors were length 0, there was a crash.
      • If rotation speed was 0 there was a crash.
      • "Show Components" would allow the project to be saved, saving the BFA Modeler file in a semi-transparent state.
      • PMA portals fixed to work with local simulations, a feature that was lost in v14
      • The detailed view of Angle of Repose was fixed.
      • Combo box at top of Interactions tab not always displaying properly
      • Not all materials were properly shown when simulation selected in Interactions tab
      • Fixed a bug causing the display of the Interactions table to be emptied.
      • Copying materials didn't always copy the material interactions with them.
      • Accented characters in component and simulation names caused crashing
        Known Issues/Limitations
      • Paths are not supported with local or cloud processing, if you are a user of this tool, you should wait to upgrade.
      • Complex Motion is not supported with local or cloud processing. If you are a user of this tool, you should wait to upgrade.
      • Shear work is not an output offered by the new engine yet. If you use shear work to evaluate wear, you should wait to upgrade.
      • Real-time virus scanning of files can cause simulations to process slowly. This is most evident when "Processing results" is shown in the Run Manager window after a simulation has finished generating results.
    • v14.0.2
        Bugs Fixed
      • Fixed a problem with local simulations having more than 10 million time steps
      • Fix windows authentication proxy issues in cloud manager
      • Fixed a problem with the display of figures that weren't rounding off.
      • Improved the number of components that can be used.
      • Removed Excel library from PMA, breaks BFA when office isn't installed.
      • Fixed an exception related to creating a component while the tutorial directory was active but no tutorial was active.
      • If the user clicked "Preview" on the Run Manager, but no simulation was selected, an exception was thrown.
      • Made a modification that improves the speed of certain simulations. Additionally it helps predict their run time better.
      • Fixed a bug that might cause the run-time estimator to greatly overshoot the run time.
      • Fixed an issue causing simulations to crash when commas (,) are used as decimal symbols.
      • Fixed a bug with the size button for random particle blocks defined using AutoCAD.
      • Fixed a bug with component names as it relates to showing surfaces in AutoCAD.
      • Fixed the error report form with SMTP settings for gmail.
      • Fixed a bug where the map file wasn't keeping count of the boundaries and elements.
      • Made PMA form resizable for users with Windows 8.
    • Suggestions for new features?