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Not many of us have 32 processor 64 bit computers sitting around. And how much can you afford to invest when our software may run on 128 or 256 processors by this time next year? Your hardware and software investment required for some DEM software providers can be up to $150,000 to run one simulation at a time.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ Cloud computing - an afforadable investment


You can run as many simulations at a time as you want,


Bulk Flow Analyst™ executes on the cloud.

With DEMcloud computing you buy a cost effective Bulk Flow Analyst™ Cloud license - $1,000USD for the initial license and $100 for each additional license - and pay for simulations as you run them. We even give you $300 in cloud credits to get you started! This “Pay As You Go” business model is extremely cost effective for almost all users. And our PAGO costs will surprise you. Our cost scale is variable based on run times and particle count but if you ran a simulation previously with Bulk Flow Analyst™ that had 100,000 particles and ran for 10 hours, your new execution time could be less than 1 hour and cost as little as $28. A 500,000 particle simulation was barely even possible before, but now it might take only 2 days and $550 to get your answer.

All your simulation processing happens on a high-powered cloud computer, so you can run Bulk Flow Analyst™ from your laptop on the road. You'll only need to an internet connection to send the simulation and download result files as they're created. We send your simulation results back to you as it runs, so you can see how the simulation is doing and if it's still creating valuable data.

Build your project and when you submit your run for execution, your maximum cost will be calculated and you can decide before you commit.

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