Particle Motion Analyst

Particle Motion Analyst is an application designed to give users very focused particle data. Bulk Flow Analystâ„¢ produces a large amount of data for any given simulation. Using Particle Motion Analyst, users can narrow the scope of the output to a specific volume in the system, to a time range, and/or to a range of velocities. This is useful for creating a custom analysis of particle data.

In addition PMA has been expanded to include a variety of other analyses. These include an angle of repose analysis, a bin analysis, a portal analysis, and a group ID analysis. The current edition also includes a beta release of a mixing analysis.

The angle of repose analysis gives the angle and draws it on a cross-section of a pile of material for material characterization tests. The bin analysis outputs similar results as the basic analysis, but separates particles into bins determined by a 3D grid structure that divides the simulation into Particle Motion Analyst exports files to Microsoft Excel or outputs .CSV files for use in other spreadsheet applications.

Particle Motions Analyst Screenshot