Bulk Flow Analyst- BFA Modeler

Most components possess size and location properties that have an influence upon the material in the system. These geometric properties can be gathered, edited, and deleted using a STEP, IGES, DXF, or DWG file imported into the BFA Modeler. Engineers will likely have a design of their system in a CAD system prior to working with Bulk Flow Analystâ„¢. If the user can export their model from their CAD system into one of these forms, the user will be able to build their BFA model using the BFA Modeler.

Unlike the AutoCAD or DXF Import tools, surfaces collected using the BFA Modeler do not have to be 3 or 4-sided shapes. Curved surfaces, surfaces with curved edges, or faces with many edges can be "tessellated" or "triangulated" by the BFA Modeler.
The BFA Modeler is not for building and changing the geometry of the imported model, but for defining and setting up the BFA simulations.