Material Characterization

The Material Condition component customizes the DEM particles characteristics to best simulate the flow of the material expected to be handled by the system being designed. While the basics required for representative simulations such as coefficient of restitution, shape and dynamic behavior are built into Bulk Flow Analyst™, density, coefficient of friction between particles, and particle size should be modified as needed to best represent the actual material properties or behavior.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ offers users the ability to characterize free-flowing or sticky material properties allowing the simulation of a wide range of material behaviors. While many situations can be adequately analyzed with only the adjustment of the inter-particle friction, other situations where the flow is sluggish or is prone to build-up may require the adjustment of its stickiness. By modifying the “cohesion” and “adhesion” properties of particles and boundaries, Bulk Flow Analyst™ can simulate the tendency for particles to “stick” or bond to each other or to boundaries respectively.

Make your life easier by using the Material Wizard to set many of the more complex properties for you or even get even fancier by customizing your particle shape!