Bulk Flow Analyst- DFX Import

The DXF Import option is much like the AutoCAD Interactive interface in terms of the amount of effort involved and the process of defining references. However the order in which the steps are taken is different. Additionally, a DXF file can be created from any CAD application capable of exporting 3DFACE and LINE entities on specifically-named layers, and is therefore attractive to clients that either do not own AutoCAD or do not use it as their primary CAD system.

To use the DXF Import tool, users must specially prepare their drawing in advance. The DXF file must be created with 3DFace entities on specifically-named layers and saving the file as a DXF. The layer must be given a special name in order for BFA to understand the type of component that the geometry represents.

After specially preparing the drawing, BFA will be able to import all components at once.