DEM View

DEMView is an application for the visualization and publishing of DEM results generated by the use of Bulk Flow Analyst™. DEMView shows the model geometry and the location, speed or pressure on the DEM particles. The model can be accessed through buttons in the Bulk Flow Analyst™ software or directly by browsing to the .dem file in the respective simulation folder. You can look at the results before, during or after the simulation is run. DEMView is also used to create images and video of the simulation for future reference, sharing and viewing via the Internet and through email, and for inclusion in reports. As a simulation runs, large amounts of data are generated. The location, velocity, and forces acting upon each particle are calculated for every particle in every time-step. Such large amounts of data would be unusable or unwieldy at best. Using Bulk Flow Analyst™, users specify a frame rate, or a rate of times per second of simulation time that the data for the particles and boundaries will be written to the output files. For this reason, the locations, velocities, and pressures on particles are only known at these discrete moments of time. Along with particles information, the boundary stress and wear are documented.