Bulk Flow Analyst v19 is here!

Overland Conveyor Co. is excited and proud to announce Bulk Flow Analyst Version 19 will be released soon.  We welcome any comments or suggestions about the new version so that we can continue to improve its functionality and usability. A current Maintenance, Enhancements and Support (MES) agreement is necessary to receive Bulk Flow Anaylst™ 19.  Not sure if your MES is up to date? Please contact Brooke Rohde brohde@overlandconveyor.com

Bulk Flow Analyst 19

Bulk Flow Analyst™ 19 contains a number of improvements and enhancements including:

  • NEW license levels & pricing
  • Floating licenses
  • Categorize components
  • Streamlined material characterization
  • Additional library materials
  • Simplified interactions
  • Added model preview

  • Please click on the following link to view the New Features video: BFA 19 New Features

    NEW BFA 19 license levels

    BFA 19 has four new license levels: Cloud Only, Basic (50,000 local particle limit), Premium (500,000 local particle limit), and Unlimited. All BFA licenses are equipped to run on the DEMcloud! Interested in learning more about the license levels and the DEMcloud? Email Brooke Rohde at brohde@overlandconveyor.com.

    Floating Licenses

    Set up components, fine tune materials, and prepare simulations at the same time as colleagues' simulations finish. Gain the full capabilities of BFA while the floating license manages the simulation queue.

    Categorize Components

    the Modeler's tab's long list can make it difficult to find a specific component. BFA19 users can expand and collapse each category to quickly reference each component and their details.

    Streamlined Material Characterization

    Calibrated and optimized material parameters accurately model real life behavior. We use the Angle of Repose for the pre-characterized materials in the General Library. BFA19 streamlines material characterization by referencing the closest General Library to your material properties and determining needs to be optimized. Users do not need to decide ahead of time which parameter to optimize.

    Additional Library Materials

    We have diligently run simulations to characterize additional pre-characterized, grab & run materials.

    Simplified Interactions

    The interactions tab is moving to the program menu. Users can select materials and components to narrow the focus or view everything.

    Added Model Preview

    Previewing the model before running simulations helps to avoid mistakes and lost time. BFA19's simulation tab shows the corresponding model for each simulation. As components are added to a simulation, the model will reflect the component geometry amd surfaces.